Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finding my way…………..

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As I travel along this path, seeking sustainable community, it is coming to me what role I can play in these transitions I see as most necessary.  I hold a big picture view, and a whole systems approach.  Somehow, my mind runs around all systems, and sees the incomplete elements that need completion if the land is to support people through the loss of external inputs.  I can’t escape the knowledge that one day soon, folks will not be able to rely on centralized energy distribution systems, and will need to provide for all their own energy requirements.  I am using energy inputs in the broadest sense here, meaning food, water, heating and cooking fuels and electricity.  I see the most challenging obstacle to this sustainability as a lack of consciousness of personal responsibility.  It seems to me, folks prefer to remain unconscious,  in denial, resting in the belief that someone else will provide, or at least come to the rescue, if and when shit hits the fan.  To me this is the ostrich burying it’s head in the sand.  Clearly our leaders only take care of themselves and their wealthy supporters.  If folks can’t see that the majority of populations, human and non, are disposable to the powers that be, then they are not looking, and understandably not wanting to see. I have realized many things I would have preferred not to see in this life, and at this stage of evolution, humanities adolescence, it’s time for acceptance, honest assessments, and personal and community responsibility.  I find myself frustrated at times wanting to clap my hands “wake up!". 

This is not rocket science, as I always say.  All the knowledge is here, and will be relearned.  We have only been able to live beyond the current sunlight for a short time, using fossil fuels that is.  Before that time, basically all of human history, we lived without these extra energy inputs.  My grandmother remembered the day the first fossil fuel car came to town.  The unfortunate thing is, to what use we have put all this bonus energy.  There are some positives, communication and travel ease, medical advances, but for the most part these have only come to select human populations, and the expense of other life, human and non.  The most benefit going to the wealthiest fewest folks, while impoverishing and exploiting the majority of all other life.  My question is, how can any person be truly free, healthy, in balance, while their family, human and non, are poisoned, impoverished, or dying for lack of basic foods, and clean  water, how?  To me, the obvious answer is we cannot!  All  of our revered sacred texts, from all traditions I’ve read, are clear about our identity with all, the reality of unity, sharing, and stewardship.  Clearly, the human powers that  be have intentionally led us by our fear and greed away from our intuitive knowings.   Step away from you television folks, disconnect the antenna, the cable or satellite.  Life is not have to be a competition for the most physically extreme cosmetics or a violent fight for the most resources.  I do not call that  life or living. Go out and meet your neighbors, talk about growing a garden together, share some cooking, can tomatoes together. Make some connection to the living.  Watch the real birds and bees, talk about what you desire for your children’s children. I think you’ll find them not so different or scary, and may be they long for community and more self sufficiency as well.  Meet some local farmers and gardeners, share knowledge, plant, trade and save seeds.  Maybe find a time for a neighbor who needs some assistant and come together to assist your neighbor in need. Teach your children the miracle of seeds growing into plants before they are taken by the dominate paradigm. We are a beautiful, blessed and ingenious creatures who have come to dominate this planet based on our communication gifts and our ability to work together.  It’s only in the past few centuries that inequitable resource distribution has made possible divide and conquer.  We have each other, and many other allies.   We have forged long alliances with plants and animals, forming partnerships that can benefit both.  Let us not forget where our food, medicine, water and air purification come from.  If I have to say it, they are gifts from the plants, and animals, large and tiny, tiny. These relationships are not lost to us, but only have to be taken up again.   Let your heart’s love light dissolve fear, start trusting and giving.  Thank the tree, and the chicken, and even the worms.  Try being the change you wish to see in the world, it’s really the only way. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sailing & Farms - New Zealand

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Wow, what an adventure ! I arrived in Auckland early AM Thursday 11 Dec. I got a bus to the Ponsonby neighborhood, and found a coffee shop with WIFI, while I waited for the opening of the registration for the backpacker hostel I had booked online from Missouri. I love the internet !By the next day I figured out how to get a local phone number, and sim card into my phone, so I could text local New Zealand folks to set up my farmstays, and of course sailing. By Friday afternoon I had my first crew position set up for the weekend, up in the Hauruki Gulf. , I met a great guy named Graeme, through a NZ crew website, who owns a 53 foot ferro cement ketch. We had a great sail up to Kawau Island, and anchored for the night, then back the next day, incredible.

 We got back Sunday PM to Auckland, and I set about traveling to my first farm visit, Autumn Farm in Takaka, South Island.  I booked a 12 hour train ride to Wellington which was a beautiful ride through the middle of the North Island, mostly pastures and sheep and cattle.  I got into Wellington around 7:30 PM, got into a backpackers right across from the ferry dock for the night. Then I took the 8AM ferry to Picton, through the Marlborough Sound.  Then 2 buses to the farm in Takaka, arriving Autumn Farm around dinner time.  They are preparing for a post Christmas gathering here, and I a doing weeding in the garden and learning about native plants, more on this later.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1st blog

I'm on Permaculture learning adventure, meeting folks, checking out communities, learning as much as I can, and being a college student again at Gaia University. Things have changed a bit since I was in college back in the dark ages.